Back to Blogging…New Topic

18 Jun

Oh  man! I have not posted a blog in 2 or more years.

When I was still WORKING…I used to break up my day by writing little stories and posting pictures about my LIFE. That included gardening, cooking, canning, preserving and travel in the motorhome. Now that I’ve retired, my LIFE has become taking care of the monster we’ve created with orchard, vegetable garden and chicken ranch.

These days it seems I mostly communicate via messaging, Facebook, and Instagram, and I rarely retreat to the back of the house where the big monitor and computer reside.

Tomorrow we are getting up at dark am to drive to the coast to get some laying hens. I’m also in the middle of converting 2 more lawns to native/drought resistant landscapes. I think I will share a bit of this. We are experiencing a severe drought here in California, and local water districts are offering some incentives to change. Even if they didn’t, I am learning a lot about a genre of plants that are much more interesting than green grass lawns.

Trying to recall how to add images and links to a blog. Let me know if you give a shit.


One Response to “Back to Blogging…New Topic”

  1. Liza Garibaldi June 18, 2015 at 9:05 pm #

    I’ve missed reading your blog posts. Glad you are back!

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