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Lupe’s Mini-Cooper

14 May

Our friend Lupe kept chickens for years and is particularly fond of Frizzles and Japanese Silkies, but she was diagnosed with MS several years ago and is now partially disabled, making it difficult for her to tend to a flock. Recently she came to see our new chicks and remarked on how she’d like to have just two hens, so Eddie engineered a solution. Of course he did!

Sue and Lupe had a ramp built that will give Lupe walker-access to the enclosed side yard that will be the chicken run. Then Eddie measured the space and went to his shop to design and build a handicap-accessible coop!

It is built on legs, so that it fits up against the ramp. The next box is set at precisely the right level and has a nifty catch that will allow Lupe to gather eggs with one hand when she is using the walker. The roost bars also serve as a “ladder” to the nest box.

When we ordered chicks from the hatchery this spring we included six straight run (unsexed) Japanese silkies. When they are big enough for Lupe to tend to we’ll identify two hens and move them to her coop. What a joyful day that will be!

Adult Silkie hen and rooster…I hope I can figure out which is which when the chicks grow up!