Ooh-la-la! Coq au Vin!

6 Sep

Two of my favorite things...chicken and wine!

A few days ago I pulled the last of the Super Sweet Walla Walla onion babies from the garden and harvested the last of the Romano beans. I remembered that I had some leftover parsley-buttered Baby Yukon potatoes in the fridge and decided that all I needed for Coq au Vin was a coq…which I had in the freezer.

Recipe for 2 hearty plates:

2 legs, 2 thighs and 2 wings from a Surfside Chickens pastured broiler, cut in pieces and dredged in flour.
6 large green onions or 12 to 15 pearl onions
2 cloves garlic, finely minced
2 cans mushroom stems and pieces (in this dish I prefer them to fresh mushrooms)
2 cups dry white wine (most recipes call for red wine…I prefer white)
3-4 Tablespoons vegetable oil
3 Tablespoons Herbs deProvence
Corn starch…al gusto

Cook a few pieces at a time so pan is not crowded.

Prepare the chicken by dredging in flour. Sprinkle with kosher salt and pepper and sauté until golden. Remove chicken pieces from pan, and add whole onions. 

You can see all the lovely brown bits in the bottom of the pan. Don't throw them out!

Sauté until cut ends start to brown. Remove the onions and add garlic. When the garlic just begins to soften, add white wine and stir to remove brown bits in the bottom of the pan.

You can use more or less corn starch to sauce to achieve the consistency you prefer. I like a thin gravy, myself.

Add mushrooms and the water in the can, keeping about ¼ cup in reserve. Add Herbs de Provence and simmer uncovered for 15 minutes. Add chicken and onion to sauce, cover and simmer for 30 minutes. If the sauce looks too thick you can add chicken broth to keep it “soupy”.

 After meat on drumsticks begins to loosen from the bone, add cornstarch to remaining mushroom water and mix thoroughly to make a thin paste. Slowly add this to sauce, stirring constantly. (You can make the sauce thicker by using more of the mixture. Add a small amount at a time, cooking and stirring until it gets to the consistency you prefer.) Reduce heat to simmer for about 5 minutes.

I then heated and slightly mashed the parsley-buttered potatoes, steamed and buttered the Romano beans, plated the chicken with the sauce as a gravy over the potatoes, and, yes, I’m going to say it…sorry, I can’t resist…Voila!

Bon apetit!


2 Responses to “Ooh-la-la! Coq au Vin!”

  1. renée tafoya September 16, 2011 at 7:00 pm #

    Thank you for the step-by-step recipe! I’ve got all but the coq in my garden – so will give this a try with a store-bought chicken. sounds delsh!

  2. ruminski September 19, 2011 at 9:34 am #

    How did your dish turn out, Renee?

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