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A Fairy Tale Wedding

5 Oct

Guests blew bubbles instead of throwing rice or bird seed...beautiful!

I’ve had lots of messages already this week…where are the wedding pix, already! Well, my camera decided to experience random failures, focusing problems and viewing issues this week of all weeks, so I didn’t get ANY wedding pictures. Oh well, I thought, there are so many professional and amateur photographers here I’ll get copies later.

Finally! Our granddaughter Melissa sent me a few from her phone last night and then one of Arlene’s bridesmaids, Corinna, posted her photos on Facebook today, so I  am sharing  some of them here, with a little commentary. There are a lot more fun photos, videos and stories, but here’s a small sampling of the beautiful, thoughtful and joyful event.

We all got teary, including the bride, during the solo of Ave Maria.

The beautiful bride and her gorgeous Mama, Eddie's sister Renee

After the ceremony Arlene and Will took pictures with the horses who stayed overnight at the Whitestone barn and pasture.

I hope you'll adjust, Chester, to the fact that Will has taken your place as Arlene's first love.

The first dance began as a romantic waltz and suddenly transitioned into a steamy tango! They were incredible!

Proud Papa Helmut dances with his princess.

The bridal party.